Caring for Sweet Peas

Caring for Sweet Peas

I love sweet peas. What is the best fertiliser when planting and during growth? Would it be best to use liquid feed?

Sweet peas are a lovely addition to any garden and can be grown from either seed or seedlings, depending on your preference. They are not gross feeders, so normal soil preparation prior to planting is usually sufficient for strong healthy growth and free flowering. This includes incorporating Daltons Compost into the existing soil to ensure good drainage during the growing period (sweet peas do not like overly wet soil). Over fertilising with high nitrogen fertiliser can lead to excessive vegetative growth and reduced flowering.

Sweet peas grow best in a sheltered, warm site. Before planting seeds or young plants, put a frame or structure in place to support the vigorous growing sweet peas. This also helps provide a better sequence of flowering. As the young plants grow, attach them to your frame so they are not destroyed by strong winds. 

You can apply the occasional side dressing of Daltons Goldcote Rose & Flower Fertiliser throughout the growing season and water it in well.

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