Caring for Potted Lemon Trees

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Caring for Potted Lemon Trees

I am growing a lemon tree in a pot but it hasn’t been doing very well. Should I be fertilising more regularly? It is potted into compost. Is this ok or does it need potting mix?

It would be beneficial to re-pot your lemon tree now into a large container using Daltons Premium Tub Mix. This will ensure a free-draining growing medium as opposed to straight compost which would invariably become wet and soggy during the winter months. 

Citrus are known as ‘heavy feeders’ and need regular applications of citrus fertiliser. Apply Daltons Premium Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser every 4-6 weeks from February until mid-April, recommencing again in October through to Christmas. Water the fertiliser in well so your tree has the best chance of absorbing the nutrients.

Because citrus are frost tender, it may be necessary to provide some shelter for your lemon tree during the cold winter months, and being in a pot this is easily done. As with any potted plants, be sure to water them frequently as they easily dry out, especially during summer.

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