Caring for Hydrangeas

Caring for Hydrangeas

My hydrangeas never flowered well and the leaves were stunted as well this year! What is the problem?

There are a number of reasons why your hydrangeas might not be performing well. Firstly, the plant may be very old and has come to the end of its life. Even through hydrangeas can live for quite a number of years, if they get very old the leaves tend to get smaller and the flowering less prolific.

Its possible your soil is of very poor quality - hydrangeas tend to grow in most soils, but they certainly perform better in soils enriched with compost and are regularly fertilised throughout the growing season, try Daltons Goldcote Landscape Fertiliser. This will help produce bigger leaves and allow the plant to flower throughout summer months.

Has the hydrangeas situation in the garden changed? By that we mean the area may have become shady eg: large trees covering the hydrangea where previously it was growing in full light.  They will still grow in semi shady positions, however the flowering will be less prolific and the plant will have a slightly stunted appearance.

It might be a good idea to purchase new hydrangea plants as there are always exciting new varieties appearing on the market each year. Choose a nice sunny well drained position and add lost of Daltons Compost prior to planting and you should have great success.

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