Brown Patch on Instant Lawn

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Brown Patch on Instant Lawn

I had an instant lawn put down on my new house and it was great through the summer and winter. But now in the spring I've noticed a large brown area. Is it a nutrient, grub, or fungus? How do I find out and fix? 

While ready lawn is a very quick means of achieving an instant lawn, there can be potential problems if preparation is inadequate and aftercare is not carried out correctly. The results of poor preparation usually aren’t noticeable for the first six to nine months as during this period the lawn is well cared for. However, until the roots of the ready lawn have successfully grown into the soil of your property, the possibility of brown patches and/or dead areas are highly likely. This situation is usually exacerbated during the first summer if the lawn is not regularly irrigated and the poor state of the lawn becomes very apparent. 

To overcome this problem spread new lawn soil, try our Daltons Premium Lawn Soil, over the areas of brown patches, over-sow with fresh grass seed (use the same grass species as your ready lawn if possible) and start watering immediately as the possibility of a dry summer this year is very high. You can also try our Premium Lawn Patching Gold product which contains everything in one bag. Irrigate the lawn on a regular basis and where the grass is growing well apply Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser.

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