Blossom Rot on Tomatoes

blossom end rot

Blossom Rot on Tomatoes

How do you stop blossom rot on tomatoes?

Blossom end rot is a common problem with tomatoes, especially during long, hot summers. It is usually caused by a lack of water when the tomato fruit is starting to form. It is a problem that needs to be prevented as there is no actual cure once the rot has been noticed – you will have to remove the fruit and let the next crop come through.

Regular and deep watering is a major weapon in preventing blossom end rot - whilst not overwatering your tomatoes either. If they dry out between watering, this greatly increases the risk of blossom end rot. 

When planting tomatoes next summer, ensure fresh compost is incorporated into the existing soil, as this will improve your soil’s water holding capacity. Finish with a layer of Daltons Premium Mulch and Grow around plants to reduce water evaporation and keep moisture in the soil. 

Blossom end rot does not seem to occur on Sweet 100 tomatoes, so this could be an alternative or additional variety to grow. 


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