Alternative Lawns

Alternative Lawns

Instead of having a ‘regular’ lawn, I would like to plant native grasses and tussocks. What would you recommend? 

Rather than simply replacing your lawn with native grasses, we would suggest a combination of low growing grasses and native ground covers. This will not only provide interest in your garden, but the ground covers will also help suppress weeds from emerging. The plants listed to the right are suitable for cultivating in the Canterbury district.

Prepare your soil well before planting to ensure your new plants get the best start. To achieve this, incorporate lots of organic matter such as Daltons Compost, which improves the soil quality and help plants develop strong, healthy root systems. You can finish with a layer of mulch, or perhaps decorative bark or pebble. There is a wide selection of products available in the Daltons range. 

Grasses and Grass-like Plants:

Aciphylla dieffenbachii (spear grass), Aciphylla squarrosa, Anemanthele lessoniania, Carex comans, Carex buchananii, Carex flagellifera, Libertia ixioides, Libertia peregrinans.

Ground Covers:

Acaena inermis, Coprosma acerosa (Te Puna), Coprosma taiko, Geranium traversii, Fuchsia procumens, Gunnera prorepens, Mazus radicans, Nertera depressa, Pimelea prostata.


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