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Final Measurements and Photos 2021 

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Daltons Sunflowers in Kindergartens Project, we hope you and your kindergarten children have enjoyed it.

Your submission needs to be in BEFORE 6PM MONDAY 13 DECEMBER.

Please ensure you use the checklist below and have everything on hand before submitting your entry.

For sunflower plant measurement verification your photos must show the Daltons sunflower measuring tape alongside the plant to verify the height/width of your measurements.

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Checklist - what you need

  1. Tallest sunflower measurement AND verification photo. Ensure you use your Daltons measuring tape to measure your tallest sunflower from the base of the stem to the top of the sunflower.
  2. Widest sunflower measurements (if applicable) AND verification photo. For the widest sunflower head measure across the head width (not including any petals). If your sunflower buds are not open yet to measure the flower “face”, please still submit your tallest plants measurements to be in to win the “Tallest Sunflower” prize pack for your region.
  3. Your photo entries for Best Photo Award.
  4. Your photos of children with the tallest/widest sunflowers for local media. Please ensure you put in their name and age.
  5. Daltons Best Little Gardener photos (if you awarded a child). Please ensure you put in their name and age.

Here are some guidelines to ensure you have measured your plant correctly:



Measurements are to be taken from the bottom of the plant (ground) to the base of the sunflower head or green bud using the Daltons measuring tape. 

Entrants must provide a photo showing the plant in its entirety: from the ground to the top of the plant in one photo and a close-up photo of the measurement taken alongside the plant head. (Follow the image examples). 


Measurements should be the width (taken from left to right) across the sunflower bloom “face” only and must not include the petals. Entrants must provide a photo of this using the Daltons measuring tape. (Follow this image example.)


Trouble uploading?

Having problems uploading your photo? Please ensure you read through the Sunflower Top Photo Tips guide.

If you're still experiencing difficulties you can email your .jpg files to [email protected]