Daltons Houseplant Lovers Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our new houseplant products, we are giving away FIVE Houseplant Lovers Prize Packs. These packs are valued at over $50 each and include everything you need to for healthy, thriving indoor plants. Daltons have been developing high-quality gardening products for over 70 years in NZ and these fantastic new houseplant products are a must for any indoor gardener!

To enter simply fill in your details and answer the question below (including your delivery details) before midnight Sunday 20th September 2020.


Our new products are based on recipes used by commercial growers throughout New Zealand, so you can rest assured you will get the best results for your houseplants.

Daltons Premium Houseplant Mix (10 litre, RRP $7.99)
The new Daltons Premium Houseplant Mix has been blended specifically for houseplants, whether they are peace lilies, snake plants or ferns. The mix contains controlled release fertilisers, bark fibre and aeration granules for increased air space around roots which improves drainage and growth.

Daltons Premium Houseplant Tabs (RRP $7.98)
Give your houseplants everything they need for lush, healthy growth with Daltons Premium Houseplant Tabs. Each tab has the perfect balance of controlled-release fertilisers, and are safe and easy to handle - simply pop a tab into the soil and water well. Suitable for use with indoor flowers, ferns, and foliage plants in containers. 

Daltons Premium Orchid Food (5 litre, RRP $14.99)
Daltons new Premium Orchid Food is a high-quality formulation designed to encourage optimum plant nutrient uptake and absorption, promoting stunning blooms, deep, rich leaf colour, and strong root development. Use with Daltons Premium Orchid Mix. 

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