Coir Specialised

Weed Mat Squares
Weedmat squares measure 500mm by 500mm. They are easy to lay and designed for placing around the base of trees and shrubs. Coir Weed Mat is ideal for applications where moisture retention and weed suppression are important. Coir Weed Mat is produced from the long fibres of the coconut husk bound with biodegradable natural latex to form a dense but light mat. More…



Daltons Coir Briquettes are small compressed bricks of Classic Coir; they can be used for mixing with other substrates or as a standalone root media. Coir Briquettes are also frequently used as bedding in worm farms as worms prefer the organic nature of coir over regular soil. Besgrow Coir Briquettes are individually wrapped and weigh 650g after drying and compression. Once hydrated you will obtain approximately 9 litres of reconstituted material. More…


Easy Planters
A light weight, versatile miniature garden; Coir Easy Planters are fantastic for use in greenhouses, or to place straight on your patio. You can grow anything in Coir Easy Planters; flowers, herbs, fruit or vegetables. More…


Daltons Coirmulch is an attractive decorative material for a variety of applications including gardens, playgrounds, curb sides and top of pot plants. Coirmulch is produced by cutting the whole husk of the coconut into cubes. Coir Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and suppresses weed growth. Each block of Coirmulch contains approx. 60g of hydro-complex fertiliser that helps to add nutrients to the soil. More…