Coir Compressed Bales


Daltons Coir is a high quality and versatile growing substrate that is available in easy to handle, compressed bales. Supplying coir in bale form is a cost effective and convenient method of storage and transportation.

Growers want a product that provides them with superior root development and foliage growth with an excellent water holding capacity. Daltons Coir is able to provide these attributes along with other benefits. Bulk Coir is ideal for use in potting mixes, soil improvements, garden mulches, waste water bio-filtration or simply as a standalone hydroponic growing substrate.

Grades available: Precision, Classic, Power, Profit and Crush

Compression ratio: 4:1

Bale dimension: 30 x 30 x 12-14 cm

Moisture content : <20%

Reconstituted volume: Between 14-16 litre/Kg depending on the grade

Availability: Australia and New Zealand

All Daltons Coir products are produced from sustainable and renewable coconut plantations.