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Daltons Kids CLUB is the perfect way to introduce the next generation to gardening.

Working in conjunction with leading garden centres Daltons Kids CLUB provides a regular newsletter, competitions, ideas and prizes all designed to make gardening a fun and healthy activity.

So if you are a grandparent, caregiver or stressed parent looking for a way to entertain and encourage someone you love, contact us and get involved. There is nothing to lose – only lots of fun to be had. With over 5,000 members nationwide, Daltons Kids CLUB is extremely popular and easy to join.

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Hello again to Kids Club!Kids Club for Gardening

Hello Autumn!

First we have Easter and all that Good Friday, when Jesus died on the cross and Easter Sunday when Jesus rose from the tomb, mean. Lilies are also a symbol of Easter, as a sign of new life. Then of course let’s not forget Easter eggs!

This is followed by Anzac day and all that the 25 April means to the soldiers who fought the world wars and for their families and all of us to remember that special day in history. Poppies are a symbol of Anzac day, representing the blood that was shed by the soldiers who fought and for those who are still fighting for their country. Poppies also remind us of Flanders Fields, where in France and Belgium poppies grew on graves and as the poem says,“In Flanders fields the poppies blow – between the crosses, row on row…”

Plus, all the while, nature is changing because it is Autumn! Have a look around outside and just see the changes Autumn makes. You will notice it’s easier to sleep at night because it is cooler!

Enjoy your holidays, Easter and Autumn and spare a thought on Anzac Day!

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