Rose Pack competition winners recieve $85 prize packs!

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Daltons community sponsorship

Daltons were proud to donate product to Orewa North Primary School recently. Photos...

New products

Daltons extensive range of products available to home gardeners continues to grow with Premium Lawn Patching Mix hitting the shelves this month.
Kids Club

Have you noticed the deciduous trees have lost most of their leaves? Have a look at those trees on a frosty morning – the frost looks as if they have diamonds on them – so pretty! We have created a fun newsletter for you with lots of things to do keeping out of the Winter weather.


Catch up with what's new in the July 2014 edition of News & Views.

  • Daltons Ltd now fully accredited members of NIASA and EcoHort for Growing Media Manufacturers.
  • Have you seen this truck on the road?
  • Gardening with Xanthe White
  • Colder climates bring great roses. 

Safer Gardening

Find out more about the naturally occurring organism “Legionellosis”, and look at some simple steps that all gardeners can take to reduce the risks of Legionnaire’s Disease while enjoying their garden.


Daltons are exclusive national distributors for the extensive ranges of both Garden City Plastics & Desch Plantpak thermoformed pots & containers.

Standard Pots • Desch Thermoformed Pots
Air-Pruning Crates • Slimline Pots • Euro Pots
Tubes • Punnets • Fertilpot • Seedling Trays
Kwik Pots • Cell Trays • Carry Trays

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Daltons incredible edibles® products are designed specifically for the growing and fertilising of fruiting plants. Whatever edible crop you are growing, there is a Daltons incredible edibles® product that will deliver outstanding growth and performance in your garden.

So for bigger better healthier edible crops Daltons incredible edibles® range of products guarantees you great results every time.
Organic Bio-Fungicides Non-toxic and organic with no with-holding period.Protects against damping off, Rhizoctonia & Phytophthora.Used by commercial glasshouse, nursery and field crop growers worldwide.Interacts with a plant’s growing roots to provide a living barrier that protects against plant pathogens and boosts the plant’s own immune system.